Joining alongside best friends Andy Jordan and Sam Cussins in the Series 4 premiere, Stevie Johnson quickly rose to popularity as a "nice boy"[1] within Made in Chelsea, enjoying a six season uninterrupted stint up until the end of the ninth series.

Initially a bystander and mediator to the clashes between his friends Andy and Spencer Matthews, Stevie came into his own when he began to pursue finding a girlfriend. Initially finding love with Poppy Fisher, this was to be short lived, as was his dating of Riley Uggla which he cut short to pursue Stephanie Pratt. This relationship became on-off when Stephanie had to return to Los Angeles, although was briefly rekindled in NY despite him briefly competing with Spencer to date Billie Carroll.

When Stephanie relocated to London in Series 8, Stevie was initially dismayed when she began dating his close friend Josh Shephard, though the two made amends. Stevie began dating Cressida Stewart off-screen in 2014,[2] and in the lead up to their first anniversary, he decided to leave the series alongside Andy at the end of the ninth series to allow his relationship to flourish outside of the public eye.[3][4]

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Stevie is first seen at Jamie's hotel party. He is next seen on a night out with Andy, where they recognise Fran Newman-Young from their time at Leeds University. Andy calls Fran over, and she introduces her sister Olivia. Andy invites them to his birthday gig in Camden, which Stevie also attends, and they're introduced to their friend Phoebe-Lettice Thompson.[5]

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