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The tenth series of Made in Chelsea, airing from 19 October 2015 until 4 January 2016, wrapping up with an End of Season Party as its twelfth episode. Among the eleven 'regular' episodes, it additionally featured the annual Christmas special, as well as a New Year special for the first time, airing on the Monday leading up to New Year's Eve 2015. The series aired in one hour slots (including ad-breaks) on Mondays at 9pm on E4.

The series reintroduced Ollie Locke full-time, alongside Richard Dinan, and briefly Francis Boulle. Despite introducing several new cast members, none returned the following series, while it was also the final series to feature Spencer Matthews and Emily Weller, and possibly the last to feature Oliver Proudlock.

The storylines of the series initially carried several over from Made in Chelsea: LA, with Alexandra "Binky" Felstead and Josh "JP" Patterson finally becoming a couple, and Jamie Laing and Jess Woodley finally bringing closure to their flirtatious relationship. The return of Ollie brought with him love interest Emma Walsh, though this sours when newly-single Spencer returns to his old ways and hooks up with her. Also featured is Tiff Watson's admission to cheating on Sam Thompson and the fallout, alongside deteriorating relations between her and her sister Lucy. Additionally, Louise Thompson is accused of kissing Elliot Cross, which she suggests to her boyfriend Alik Alfus may have happened when she was drunk.



  • "No One Ever Kicks Me Out Of Bed"
  • "You Look Like A Unicorn"
  • "You're Digging Yourself A Grave"
  • "He Lives And Breathes Vagina"
  • "I've Heard He's Quite A Thorough Lover"
  • "You Don't Get Anywhere In Life Without Visualising The End Goal"
  • "We Were Like Two Peas In A Pod, And Now I'm Just One Pea"
  • "I Feel Like I've Been Put In A Naughty Corner"
  • "I'm All Over The Place Right Now, Emotionally And Florally"
  • "There's A Jamie Shaped Hole In My Life" (Christmas special)
  • "He's Making An Armageddon Of Mistakes" (New Year special)
  • End of Season Party



Cast list and statistics[]

The promotional shot of the tenth series' cast.

For a visual guide to the tenth series' cast members, see Portal:Cast/Series 10

The tenth series featured the largest number of credited cast members to date, with thirty-two featuring in total; the alphabetical list below lists all.

As a quick reference to cast changes, names highlighted in bold are new to the series, while those in italics departed during this series. Cast members highlighted in both only featured in the eleventh series.

Cast member Credited as Age during Overall duration Episode count —

series ten

Alik Alfus Alik 26-7 NYC–present To be confirmed
Mitch Alfus Mitch: Alik's dad Unknown 11 1
Victoria Baker-Harber Victoria 27 29, 10–present To be confirmed
Brigita Baniunaite Brigita Unknown 10 To be confirmed
Francis Boulle Francis 27 16, 10 1
Elliot Cross Elliot 24 9, 10–present To be confirmed
Richard Dinan Richard 28-29 35, 10–present To be confirmed
James Dunmore James Unknown 9–present To be confirmed
Alexandra "Binky" Felstead Binky 25 1–present To be confirmed
Jane Felstead Binky's mum Unknown 2, 4–9, 10–present To be confirmed
Rosie Fortescue Rosie 25 1–9, 10–present To be confirmed
Sam Harney Harney Unknown 10–present To be confirmed
Nicola Hughes Nicola 25 or 26 9, 10–present To be confirmed
Jamie Laing Jamie 26-7 2–present To be confirmed
Ollie Locke Ollie 27-28 1–5, LA–present To be confirmed
Lily Ludovici Gray Lily Unknown 10 To be confirmed
Spencer Matthews Spencer 26 1–9, 10 To be confirmed
Alex Mytton Alex 24 5–present To be confirmed
Josh "JP" Patterson JP 26 9–present To be confirmed
Stephanie Pratt Stephanie 29 6–present To be confirmed
Oliver Proudlock Proudlock 27 2-9, 10 1
Tallulah Rufus-Isaacs Tallulah Unknown 10–present To be confirmed
Louise Thompson Louise 25 1–present To be confirmed
Sam Thompson Sam Unknown 6–9, 10–present To be confirmed
Georgia "Toff" Toffolo Toff 20 7, 8–present To be confirmed
Mark Francis Vandelli Mark Francis 24-25 1–present To be confirmed
Emma Walsh Emma 32 10 To be confirmed
Clive Watson Clive Unknown 5, 10 2
Lucy Watson Lucy 24 4–present To be confirmed
Tiff Watson Tiff Unknown 8–9, 10–present To be added
Emily Weller Emily 26 9, 10 1
Millie Wilkinson Millie 24 9, 10–present To be confirmed
Jess Woodley Jess 20-21 9–present To be confirmed