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Upon arriving to Made in Chelsea in the Series 2 debut, Jamie Laing quickly took the series by storm and came to the forefront as the breakout star. As best friend of major cast member Spencer Matthews, Jamie has featured uninterrupted since the second series, accumulating ten series' worth of appearances including Made in Chelsea: NY, LA and South of France.

As well as providing comic relief throughout the series and serving as the social epicentre to the friendship circles of the show on many occasions, Jamie has also featured in several major storylines. The third season was dominated by Jamie and Spencer's clashes over their joint pursuit of Louise Thompson, resulting in heartbreak for Jamie. Other relationship arcs have included his attempts to unsuccessfully form a relationship with both Lucy Watson and Jess Woodley, both of whom he has fallen in love with throughout the course of the series, despite following in his best friend's footsteps and showing a lack of commitment to the former.

His friendships have also been integral to the series, as illustrated in the tests of strength to his and Spencer's friendship. He also formed close bonds with former housemates Oliver Proudlock and Francis Boulle, becoming "The Lost Boys." He has continued to become involved with and befriend many of the later cast members too such as Louise's brother Sam Thompson and Josh "JP" Patterson. Jamie's inability to control his spending has also featured in several episodes of the series, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit to set up confectionery brand Candy Kittens which he continues to work on as of December 2015.

With Spencer departing the series, Jamie is now the second longest serving (uninterrupted) male cast member behind Mark-Francis Vandelli, and continues to be a major player and instantly recognisable face within the series, which he has expressed intentions of remaining with indefinitely.