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Series 1[]

Francis is first seen at Amber Atherton's launch party for her jewellery range. He asks Amber and Rosie Fortescue if Caggie Dunlop is coming, having his eye on her. Despite seeing her, he doesn't make a move on her until after her gig at The Troubadour. Encouraged by Fredrik Ferrier to pursue her and believing rival Spencer Matthews unavailable to her, Francis takes a rose over to her table post-performance. Upon Spencer's return to the table, Francis leaves, but sees her leave his rose behind as she joins Spencer for dinner. Regardless, he still intends to pursue Caggie, as he tells Rosie.[1] Francis makes his next move at Rosie's dinner party, following Caggie and Millie Mackintosh when they leave the dining room. Though Francis points out Spencer is no longer an option to Caggie, Millie privately breaks it to Francis that Caggie isn't interested.


  1. Series 1, episode 1: "Ad Victorem Spolias – To The Victor Go The Spoils", 60 minutes, E4, aired 9 May 2011

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