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As one of the eight major additions to the cast of Made in Chelsea at the start of series 9, Emily Weller was also had the second shortest tenure after Fleur Irving. Absent from Made in Chelsea: LA, Emily would only make one further appearance in the second episode of series 10.

Introduced as Jamie Laing's close friend and "wingwoman", Emily became recognisable for her unique fashion sense and choice of hair colouring, reflecting her fashion design.



Emily works as both a graphic and fashion designer, and operates under her brand Luna Love London which launched in 2015. Emily was initially a graphic designer, working in Soho, and from there her desire to work within fashion emerged. Luna Love London focuses upon both clothes and accessories, and focuses upon creating unique items which are both 'fun and quirky', including the reworking of existing items into her style.[1] Emily's own fashion focuses upon embracing individuality, which is clearly reflected in her work.[2]

Emily also operates her other website Unicorn Behaviour, which focuses upon her own fashion purchases from other labels and designers which she discusses on the site's blog.[3]


Series 9[]

Series 10[]



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