Catherine Dunlop, commonly misreported as 'Cathrine Dunlop' and known professionally just as 'Caggie Dunlop', is an aspiring English singer, actress, model and media personality, who stars in the reality series Made in Chelsea.

Educated at the Harrodian School and then at Wellington College, Dunlop went on to study philosophy at Leeds University, before spending a year studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, performing in a number of productions including Rabbit Hole by Mauricio Bustamente, Barefoot in the Park by Lola Cohen, and Proof by David Auburn .

Dunlop features as one of the main stars of the E4 programme Made in Chelsea which premiered in May 2011. The show follows the lives of Caggie and her friends in the wealthy Chelsea district of London. The first season revolves mostly around the relationship between Caggie and long term friend Spencer.

Dunlop is currently developing a music career as a singer, and is currently writing songs for an album. She was shown singing in a number of scenes of the first season of Made in Chelsea.

Dunlop currently lives in West London and is represented by Rushdie Media, as of June 2011.

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